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Draw and Race Schedule

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The preliminary times of the races assume that we will have perfect weather all weekend. Any seasoned veteran of the regatta will realize that this is extremely unlikely to occur. It is our hope that we will get through to the races on Friday, which would allow us to start Saturday with the A8+ heats, then go into finals.

The Draw

The draw is random. We try to ensure that any second entries are evenly distributed amongst heats, and that second crews do not have to race their club's first crews.

Again this year we have used seeding based on last year's results. The main intention here is to encourage clubs to be consistent from year to year, as many head races do. If your club won an event last year, you will be the first seed for that event this year. The software places consecutive seeds in different heats. Top seeds will not be drawn against each other.

For example, if all six finalists from last year return, then they are seeded in their finishing order. The code will place the first seed in a heat, then put the second seed in a different heat, then the third seed in a different heat from both the first and second seeds (if there are three heats, if not, then seed #3 will race seed #1). A two heat event would see seeds #1, #3, #5 racing each other in the heat. A three heat event would see seeds #1 and #4 racing each other.

If not all the seeds return, then the remaining finalists are placed in alternate heats. For example, if the #1, #3, #4 and #6 seeds return, then #1 would race #4 in a two heat event, and #1 would race #6 in a three heat event.

Given the difficulties in creating an accurate seeding for events when many of these crews have not raced before, it seemed most appropriate to create a method for separating clubs that are consistent over the years at the Brentwood Regatta. I hope that the results are satisfactory.

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